Summer Camp 2018

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This year, our traditional summer camp took place from July 27th to August 3rd 2018 in Naucelle, under the guidance of Master Gérard and the Experts, with the participation of more than 70 practitioners (from 12 to 71 years old), coming from all over France, Overseas France and Vietnam.

Despite the summer heat wave, during this week, we have adapted the intensive training hours in order to practice the many aspects of the martial art: blocking and  striking techniques weapons, breathing, meditations, Quyens and sequences. We tried to maintain the health while keeping the training effective.

We were able to benefit from the Master’s advice and teachings, adapted not only to each level, but also to each person, both in the training hall and outside of practice hours.

The evenings were animated, notably with the presentations of 2 Thanh Long on the subjects of Wealth in the Art and the notion of the Master in the XXI century.

The summer camp was concluded with a demonstration for the Master, reflecting our learning from the week and as a result of his teachings. We also took the opportunity to invite the residents of Naucelle and in particular the restaurant managers and staff who have been preparing wonderful meals tailored to our highly nutritional needs for the last 2 years.

Finally, each participant in the camp received a certificate from the Master accompanied by a personal compliment. Everyone could see that the Master knows each student well from the lowest to the highest grade. We all left for our next destination with a heart filled with joy and satisfaction from the work accomplished.


See the gallery for photos from the summer camp.