Khi Dao

The way (Dao) of energy (Khi)

Originally reserved for the oldest and most diligent disciples, the internal style has now been open to all practitioners for a decade. Suitable to all ages, it helps you work on both the body and the control of breathing. For younger people, it complements the practice of Vo. And for the older ones, it is a gentle way to maintain health and tone the body.

The practice also includes training with weapons, such as sword and fan to help improve body mapping, precision of movements and increase overall strength.


The practice of Meditation can be found in many civilizations and its origin dates back to several millennia ago.

There are numerous types and techniques of Meditation. And each practitioner from different backgrounds has certain desired goals when they embark on this practice. Meditation, or Meditations, are mental exercises aim to forge the mind, just like physical exercises aim to train and shape the body. Meditation practice is complementary to martial art practice, which must be exercised jointly in all physical, energetic, human and mental levels.

Nowadays, certain Meditation techniques are widely accessible to the general public. A number of scientific studies have demonstrated the significant benefits of Meditation on the functioning of human brain.

At Thanh Long Truong Son School, we incorporate Meditation exercises alongside martial art training – selected and instructed by the Master. These teachings start with a preparation session of breathing and energetic exercises. This highly methodical teaching takes place during seminars throughout the year and in a more intense manner during the Summer retreats.