Viet Vo Dao

Grandmaster Nguyen Dan Phu


Literally the way (Dao) of the Vietnamese (Viet) martial art (Vo).

The term generically refers to Vietnamese traditional martial art, just as “Kung fu” is used in China to mean “martial art”.

Its origins can be traced to around five thousands years to the first written records: the engravings in caves and the first objects, weapons found in Thanh Hóa province, northern Vietnam. At the time, there was no distinguishing between martial art and art of war. Only up until about three thousands years ago that the schools and the movements were classified throughout Asia.

In France, it was Grandmaster Nguyen Dan Phu, the founder of Thanh Long who first introduced Viet Vo Dao in the West. In 1973, he became the co-founder and patriarch of the first French federation of Viet Vo Dao. At 10th Dang, he was the highest ranking Master in Europe.


Thanh Long


Created by Grandmaster Phu, Thanh Long literally translates as “green dragon”. This mythical animal, flexible and powerful but of which first quality is goodness, is the symbol of our style.

During his lifetime, in order to perpetuate his martial art, Grandmaster Phu founded eight major schools, naming each after his eight sons and as direct disciples heading each of the schools. The engraving on the stele in Da Nguu, his native village reflects this decision.


Truong Son Phai

Master Dan Viet Gérard


Our school of Master Nguyen Dan Viet Gérard – Truong Son Phai means “the clan of a thousand mountains” or “the great chain of mountains”. Thanks to his experience as a doctor and acupuncturist, Master Gérard (or Lao Su Dan Viet) enriches the school with many internal techniques. The Truong Son style consists of Vo, the external style and Khi Dao, the internal style.